Monday, December 12, 2011

MG Sandrock WIP (inner frame)

Last mid of November, I got the latest addition to my gunpla collection - the MG Sandrock. This kit is the fourth Master Grade installment for the protagonists of Gundam Wing series.

I started building it at once. I started with all the inner frame first. I wanted to make it look more real by making it metallic but I don't have anymore Mr. Hobby acqueous steel so I just decided to prime it with Tamiya gloss black and followed by Tamiya gun metal. I love it's new and improved color. Below is the comparison.

Painting the parts hides their original plastic look
The painted leg (left) vs the unpainted leg (right)

I also repainted it's weapon. For the beam machinegun and the handles of the heat shotel I used Tamiya flat black for it's base coat and applied Tamiya gun metal after that. As for the heat shotel's blades..I primed it with Tamiya metallic grey, and topped with Tamiya titanium silver.

Sandrock's main weapon - the heat shotel (handles not yet painted)

 After couple of days building and painting the inner is it's new look :)


  1. The paint really improve the color.. primed Metallic grey combine with Tamiya titanium silver makes shotel's blades look real and awesome.

    I really appreciated your blog.. I'll keep on visiting your site for some update and article..

  2. thanks a lot! I'll try to update it the soonest I can. :)