Gundam has been my favorite since I was in high school up to now that I am already working for couple of years. It started when I became a fan of Gundam Wing. Since then, I started watching other gundam series up to this moment. I became more fascinated with these robots when I found out that there's model kits in the markets. I started to buy one piece of it...and now it's almost fifty and still counting; before I just spend Php500 for a single kit but now averaging around Php2000. Collecting gundam model kits has become my passion!

Why gundam??? I really don't know. Even though there are lots of animes now, I'm still hooked to gundam series. But what I really appreciate is their model kits. It's hard to explain to others who can't relate to it especially for those who see gundam kits as just "toys". For them it's just a waste of time and money, but for me it's more than that. Gundam kits may look like the same with each other but if you will analyze them, they have different features up to the smallest detail. I like also the way they were designed and engineered - imagine a single kit composes hundreds of small parts that when assembled will give you an awesome miniature of a robot. Assembling it also relieves my stress. I love observing my finished kits - it gives me some comfort that I can't explain...comfort that other feel the same way with their own preferred collection. I'm not a sporty guy nor a fanatic of online games. I'm more of a home boy that simply stays on my room either watching TV or busy with my pending kits to be build.

I made this blog site to express my passion in model kits. Through this I can go back on those times when I am still a newbie in the world of gunpla up to now that I am being more advance when it comes to customizing them. I know I'm not as professional as other gunpla modelers but I'm taking it one step at a time. I want to explore what more can I do with my collection and "upgrading to a higher level." I want to share my works to others and learn new things and techniques from them at the same time. I'm looking forward that I can do the same custom painting to other model kits such as Transformers and Zoids

And why Mechatalk??? I've come up with that name since mecha means machine which has something to do with gundams. Plus for us Filipinos mechatalk can be said having a double meaning of "may katok" which means crazy. It is because for some people they think that collecting gundam model kits is a crazy thing since after spending big money and making myself busy for hours just to complete it, I will just place them on a shelf or cabinet for display. lol

So...I am Monty - a Filipino, and this is mechatok.blogspot.com. Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting and have fun! ^__^

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