Saturday, May 19, 2012

MG Heavyarms EW WIP (Part 1)

Now that I have more vacant time compared last month, it only means one thing.....I can already paint my Master Grade Heavyarms EW!!! :) I've already seen a lot of blog posts showing their paint customization job on their MG Heavyarms and I admit that I envy them. I really love their artwork. How I wish that I could do the same to mine especially that this is one of the coolest model kit released.

I have already some plans on my mind on what kind of approach I am going to apply to Heavyarms different parts. I just hope that the execution and outcome will be awesome. Well here goes.....

First I diassembled all the parts and grouped them according to their color scheme. I also sub-divided the grey parts based on the tone that I'm planning to give them.

I painted most of the grey parts with Alclad II magnesium using an airbrush. Just like the previous one, I am so satisfied with the outcome of Alclad paints. However since I'm trying to save paint (since Alclad paints are expensive) I did not paint the whole grey parts. I just painted the parts that will be exposed and let the hidden ones unpainted.

grey parts being painted with Alclad magnesium
missile pods waiting to dry after painting

For some grey parts like the circles on the knee and ankle, I first painted it with Tamiya X-1 gloss black and then with Alclad magnesium. I also gave it a top coat of Tamiya TS-65 pearl clear to give it a shiny look.

I also made some modifications on the cream/white parts like the vents and the ones under Heavyarms shoulders. I painted it with Tamiya X-32 titanium silver to have a contrast. I also did the same to its sliding part on the legs.

For the body, I changed the grey parts around it by using Tamiya XF-53 neutral grey. On the other hand, I already like the color of the orange parts so I just sprayed it with RJ metallic clear and top coated with RJ dull lacquer.

For all the missiles/warheads, I painted it with Tamiya XF-16 flat aluminum and highlighted its panel line with a red gundam marker. I'm so happy with the result...excellent! While for the parts that serves as base of the missiles, I simply painted them with Tamiya gloss black and dull lacquer.

To emphasize Heavyarms' vulcans, I dry brushed them with Tamiya titanium silver after painting with Alclad magnesium. I did the same thing on the guns on his chest.

Here is the over all look of my MG Heavyarms EW as of the moment.

I have to deal with the red and white parts next, as well as the remaining orange parts. I hope I'll finish everything before the month ends. ^__^


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  2. Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to be using the flat aluminum + red stroke on my Heavy Arms now. Looks like a brilliant combination.