Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updated Images of RG Skygrasper

Updated box art and images of the upcoming 1/144 Real Grade Skygrasper has just been released. This kit is scheduled to be released on February 2012 with a price of 2,625 Yen. The box art's design is really awesome! I wish they would also release a Master Grade version of the Skygrasper too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real Grade Skygrasper

Real grade or simply RG is the latest grade of gundam model kits from Bandai. RG is like a Perfect Grade gundam model kits only that its scale is 1/144. It was first released last 2011 with RX-78 Gundam. It was followed by Char's Zaku II, Aile Strike Gundam, Zaku II mass production type, and the latest was the Freedom Gundam.

This year another RG is said to be launched, but it is not a mobile suit. It is the Skygrasper!

Skygrasper is the fighter jet that accompanies the Strike Gundam in its battles. It carries the striker pack needed by the Strike, depending on what mode Kira Yamato (the pilot of Strike Gundam) wanted it to be. The pack could be the launcher pack, the sword pack, and the most famous of the three..the aile striker pack.

Aile striker is already included in the previously released RG Aile Strike Gundam that's why it is not included in the upcoming skygrasper. However it comes with the launcher pack and the sword pack. The good thing about it is the three packs can be interchanged with the Strike Gundam, just as featured in the tv series.

The aile striker pack on the other hand can be also merged with the skygrasper as well as the other two packs.

This kit would definitely be a must buy for Real Grade collectors especially for those who have already the RG Aile Strike Gundam. I wonder..would it possible that Bandai will also release a Master Grade Skygrasper since there's already a Master Grade version of the Strike and all of its packs. Or how about a Perfect Grade of the sword and launcher pack for the PG Strike Gundam? Well, let's just hope and wish that it will become a reality sooner or later.

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The Next Master Grade from Gundam Seed

If I'm gonna describe the upcoming gundam model kits that's gonna be release this's like a rain that keeps on pouring! Especially for the master grade because news says that Bandai is gonna launch couple of master grade gundam model kits for Gundam Seed. These kits include Aegis gundam, Buster gundam, Blitz gundam, and the Duel gundam which happens to be the first in line.

Duel gundam is said to be released on the month of February for the price of 4200yen (around Php2100 here in the Philippines) But what excites me more about it is that it also comes with all of its armor and weapons to make it Duel Gundam Assault Shroud just like what was shown in the series. I hope Bandai will release more of its updated images soon. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Much Awaited Release

Just few days from now and the fifth and last of the main gundams of Gundam Wing will gonna be release...the Master Grade Heavyarms EW!

News said that's it gonna be on the 26th of January. Many gundam fans are so excited about it including me because it is a gundam designed with tons of missiles all over its body plus it's famous gatling gun. I even made a preorder of it..and I really can't wait to have it.

Here are some of the pictures that were officially released.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MG Sandrock WIP (body)

It's the body's turn to be painted. Additional color used was Tamiya X7 red.
Sorry for the blurry pictures.. :(

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MG Sandrock WIP (waist)

Here is another installment to my ongoing project..MG Sandrock. Painting and building the waist is way easier and faster than the legs. I used the same color combinations/mixtures just like on the legs. For the light purple grayish parts, I simply put a little amount of Tamiya X16 purple to Tamiya XF53 neutral grey. It only took me a day to finish everything about it.

lower part now complete