Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blitz Time!!!

After the release of MG Duel Assault Shroud last February 18th, the next master grade from Seed series has finally been announced.....it's the MG Blitz!!!

Master Grade Blitz Gundam is set to be released on June. I'm gonna buy it and the MG Duel together,so I gonna have to start saving money now. lol

* images from bandai-hobby.net

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unboxing MG Heavyarms

Finally I got my Master Grade Heavyarms that I ordered from my trusted supplier - Coldfire. MG Heavyarms is the fifth and final master grade kit from gundam wing EW. I gues Bandai really save the best for last. lol

Just by the box art itself..I can say that this is an awesome kit! It displays lots of missiles coming from all over its body.

Side portion of the box shows the front and rear view of the finished kit plus other information like weapons and markings.

Other sides of the box shows the up close look of MG Heavyarms.

Upon opening the kit, I was surprised with it's runners (runners are where the parts of model kits are attached) It was fully loaded!

Below are the runners taken from their plastics as well as the manual. It's centerfold shows the different scenes taken from the series, it's data, and it's poses together with the other four gundams.

Here is the closer look of all the runners included in the kit. It composed mostly of gray parts but orange and yellow parts makes this kit look better.

I'm gonna post the outcome of this kit once I finished assembling it. Stay tuned for it! :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MG Sandrock WIP (weapons)

Here is the eight and final part of my master grade Sandrock's WIP. It's all about the weapons. Sandrock's primary weapon is the heat shotel, and that's what I'm going to tackel first.

I've already painted the heat shotel before, together with the inner frame but I'm not contented with it's outcome. I would like to make it look real..to make it's blades realistic but I don't have the right paint with me now. So I remove the heat shotel's previous color by using acetone. When it's back already to its original color, I used Tamiya gloss black for the base coat (instead of using metallic gray before)

I then painted it with Tamiya titanium silver just like the first one. I like the outcome of its color now than before..it became more metallic and luminous, although differences in the pictures below  can't be seen that much.

My first attempt: using metallic gray as base coat
My revised paint: using glos black as base coat
 The color of the shotels' handle on the other hand remained. So I just added the given decals for it. I also give it a flat top coat while the for the blades including the luminous red, I used gloss top coat.

As the name goes..the shotels has the ability to be heated up. I 'm so happy that red blades (showing that it is heated) is also included in this kit as a replacement for the silver blades. Here is a closer look of it.

For the beam machinegun, I didn't make any changes anymore. What I did before together with the inner frame is still the same up to now. The combination of Tamiya flat black as its base coat and topped with Tamiya gun metal looks great for it. Decals were just added to make it look better.

For the shield, below are the parts that needed to be assembled. I painted them separately according to their  respective color. 

For the transparent part, instead of using the provided stickers, I painted it with gloss black topped with Tamiya red. The same thing goes to the blue part..instead of using the white stickers, I just painted it. However the outcome doesn't look that good because I only hand painted it. Below is the assembly of the shield.

This is final product. Still gonna need to put the decals on it...

MG Sandrock's shield..now with decals on it. See the difference from the previous one?

Other angles of the shield...

The "fang-like" of the shield can be pulled down to make it look like a claw.

What I like more on the weapons is that they can be connected to each other. The heat shotels can be locked on a peg under the shield, thus making it a huge weapon.

 The heat shotels can be also open wide while attached to the shield.

But wait..there's more! It is not just the heat shotels that can be attached to the shield..but also the beam machinegun. Just fold the handle and lock it on the shield's ride portion, and it's all done!

Check out the completed Master Grade Sandrock on my upcoming posts. Thanks for viewing! :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

MG Sandrock WIP (head)

In building gunpla, the head is the most complicated part for me since most of its parts are very small and fragile especially the V-fin or antenna. Below is how I built MG Sandrock's head portion by portion until it was finally completed.

I used Tamiya X-5 green for the eyes. However it was too dark that it seems to be unnoticed. Maybe I'll try other shade of green on my future projects.

Here is the finished product of Sandrock's head on different angles. Panel lining the head of a gunpla is always a pain for me :-(

One more WIP left (weapons) and I'm all done with my first project. I'm really excited to see the outcome of my labor :-)