Friday, May 25, 2012

What Kit to Pick?

Gunpla collectors have different preferences on what kit to collect. Some base it on grades and scales that they prefer, or could be on series that they like. So if you're going to start collecting model kits, you would maybe ask "what would be the best to collect?" Well the answer is simply "it depends on what you like" To explain it further here is a guide on the different grades that gunplas offer.

  • Super Deformed (SD) - A Whole New World of GUNPLA. Striking a keen balance between cute and cool, this tyke-sized series is easy to assemble and easy on the wallet. It is non-scale and stands about 8cm.
  • High Grade (HG) - A Vast Lineup of Collectables. A collectable series featuring a broad lineup of easy-to-assemble kits from star-level item refinements to models not previously released as kits. It is 1:144 scale and stands about 13cm.
  • Real Grade (RG) - The Enthusiasm over Building Mobile Suit at Your Fingertips in 1:144 Scale. Rich coloration, lifelike movements, expressive texture and a pre-built inner frame: It is like a 1:144 kit with articulations and characteristics of a perfect grade (PG) kit. That's why this series makes it real.
  • Neo Grade (NG) - It is just like a high grade (HG) kit...but in a larger scale of 1:100.
  • Master Grade (MG) - Innovative Inner Mechanics and Gimmicks. Bandai's most promoted series packs in movement and gimmicks over innovative inner mechanics. It is in 1:100 scale and stands about 18cm.
  • Perfect Grade (PG) - The Ultimate GUNPLA Packed with The Latest Technology. The highest end of Gunpla, this series of ultimate avatars always packs in the latest technology to seamlessly scale down your model. It stands around 30cm and in 1:60 scale.


example of size comparison (image credit to
I started collecting first grade (FG) model kits. These are 1:144 scale kits with very limited articulation and colors compare to high grade kits. After my 13th FG kit, it was then I decided to buy my first HG kit - the Freedom gundam. Currently I'm focusing more on collecting MGs. I hope someday I could afford to buy a PG. lol

I'm also more of a Gundam Seed and Gundam Wing fan that's why most of my collections are from those series. Other series include Universal Century, Gundam 00 (which I also have), Gundam Age (currently being aired) etc.

In the end it is still up to the hobbyist on what kit he choose to build and collect. The important thing is that he is enjoying what he is doing. So what are you waiting for....start building your own gunpla now!  ^__^