Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MG Heavyarms EW WIP (Weapons)

I made different approach on every parts of the beam gatling of MG Heavyarms. Here they are:

I painted these parts with RJ gloss black. Then for the barrel clamp and flash suppressor, I give it another round of gloss black and top coated with RJ dull lacquer. For the barrels meanwhile, I air brushed them with Alclad stainless steel until I got my desired effect. I just need Tamiya X-12 gold for the detailing. Unfortunately when I went to Lil's hobby center in Trinoma, they were already closed permanently :( so I need to go to their branch in Megamall to purchase it.

For the ammo belt, I used Pylox metallic smokey black on it while for the tank, I sprayed with thin coats of Tamiya X-10 gun metal. Decals have also been applied.

For these parts, they were painted with coats of gloss black. Only the difference is that the body of the gatling gun (right side) was top coated with dull lacquer while the part on the left was top coated with Tamiya TS-65 pearl clear. The end or tip of the gun was hand painted with Alclad stainless steel.

The army knife was painted way before I started painting the kit. You can check it here if you wanna see how it was done.

That's almost it. Gonna do some little finishing touches and I'm done with this fella. Pictures to be posted soon! ^__^

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