Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unboxing MG Heavyarms

Finally I got my Master Grade Heavyarms that I ordered from my trusted supplier - Coldfire. MG Heavyarms is the fifth and final master grade kit from gundam wing EW. I gues Bandai really save the best for last. lol

Just by the box art itself..I can say that this is an awesome kit! It displays lots of missiles coming from all over its body.

Side portion of the box shows the front and rear view of the finished kit plus other information like weapons and markings.

Other sides of the box shows the up close look of MG Heavyarms.

Upon opening the kit, I was surprised with it's runners (runners are where the parts of model kits are attached) It was fully loaded!

Below are the runners taken from their plastics as well as the manual. It's centerfold shows the different scenes taken from the series, it's data, and it's poses together with the other four gundams.

Here is the closer look of all the runners included in the kit. It composed mostly of gray parts but orange and yellow parts makes this kit look better.

I'm gonna post the outcome of this kit once I finished assembling it. Stay tuned for it! :-)


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