Sunday, March 4, 2012

MG Heavyarms (snap build)

This is the completed master grade Heavyarms in it's different angles.

Below are it's different body parts with closed and open cover for the missiles.


Next is the beam gatling with shield and army knife.


Here are it's other details and poses.

The kit also includes a beam saber on it's left arm. This was used in a scene in the series wherein Heero is the one piloting the gundam Heavyarms while fighting with the Tallgese. However the green saber itself is not included. I just took the extra one from the MG Wing EW.

That's it for now. I'll be painting it just like what I've did with the MG Sandrock. It would definitely give a excellent look especially with the beam gatling. However, I would still have to find and purchase the right paint, preferably metallic ones, for it.

Thanks for viewing!!! :-)