Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Tadaahhh!!! This is it! Finally I have my very first blog! :) I never thought that I'm going to write a blog because I'm only hearing it through my friends. Thanks to them who keeps on encouraging me to make one..and here it is now.

My blog will basically focus more on gundams and other things pertaining to them...since it is really my favorite and building it became my passion for couple of years now. I'm really inspired by how they were made and engineered to give a detailed look that is different from each other. However I may write other stuff not related to it - things, ideas, and experiences that may come into my mind.

With my upcoming posts..I'm hoping that I could share to everybody my insights, and the real me. That's it for now I guess. Till next time and have a great day ahead. :)

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