Monday, October 31, 2011

How it all started...

My passion for gundams started when "Gundam Wing" was first aired here in the Philippines at became a big hit. I was in high school back then. I love all the five main gundams in that series especially Wing Gundam because it can transform from mobile suit  mode to bird mode. Since it became a hit, products related to them were released and among them is the plastic model kits. I would like to buy a kit but I don't have money back then because I was still studying. So when my parents ask my younger brother what he wanted for his birthday, I suggested him to choose 1/144 HG Wing Gundam. He was so young at that time so it was me who build it with the help and guide of my father. In short through my brother, I was able to built my very first gunpla. :)

Years past and other series of gundam followed and also became a hit in our country including Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. Without knowing, I became a big fan of gundam since then. I can still remember that I will go to the mall after our review class for board exam to check the latest model kits available. Sad to say that I wasn't able to buy even a single model kit because I dont' have enough money for those at that time.So I promised to myself that I'm going to treat myself a gundam model kit when I have a job already.

All came to reality! :) I started buying 1/144 First Grade (FG) Gundam Seed model kits. Every kit averages for about Php400. Although I know that they were not as good as High Grade(HG) I keep on buying them and just thought of repainting them to have a look more similar to the anime series. Unfortunately I don't have the skills to repaint them :(

My 11 First Grade Gundam Seed Destiny model k its

One day,I was looking for a FG Freedom Gundam but it was out of stock. What they only have that time is HG Freedom Gundam but it costs Php1000. After thinking of it couple of times and saving more money, I bought my first 1/144 High Grade model kit..a Freedom Gundam. HGs are way better that FGs since they have more articulation and more parts. That's the end of First Grades' era for me. But it didn't stopped right there..from 1/144 HG kits, I also bought 1/100 model kits until it became 1/100 Master Grade(MG) model kits. MGs are my favorite up to is not necessarily and they are bigger thus more detailed parts are included, and more articulated because of it's inner frame.

All in all I already have more than thirty different model kits..and still counting. How I wish that I could buy a 1/60 Perfect Grade someday :))

My gunplas so far including 2 Transformers Dual model kit
Now I'm planning to repaint them to have a better look. I'm still in the process of learning how to use airbrush. My FG kits now became my testers for painting lol

My first as paint testers

I actually have an ongoing repainting session with one of my 1/144 HG kit now. I'm gonna post it for sure once done. :)

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