Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1/144 HG Providence Gundam (WIP)

This is my first time to custom paint a gundam model kit. The lucky guy would be the Providence Gundam. This kit is my latest addition to my collection but the first one to have a nice "shower" :)) I will just stick to it's anime version/color.

I started with the body first. I cut the parts needed from the runners and sanded them. I then used alligator clip and barbeque stick as their stand.

Parts of the torso getting ready to be primed.

All white after being primed.

I used TOA plastic primer as my primer paint. At first I decant it and put it on my airbrush to have a fine result on the gundam parts.I was not happy with the result. It's like spraying spider web to them. My friend then told me that I should thin in with a lacquer thinner. At first I had a good result but later something unwanted clogged my airbrush :( I thought that I have to buy another one for that. Good thing that I was able to fix it within the day.

Going back to my project, I painted every part according to it's respective color indicated. For the yellow part I painted it with Tamiya X8 (Lemon Yellow) using an airbrush. I was satisfied with the result.

Painted this part yellow with Tamiya X8

 For the other parts..I used Tamiya X7 for the red ones, Tamiya XF16 (flat aluminum) for the silver, Aqueous Paint H18 Steel by Hobby Color  for the grey, and for the blue parts..Tamiya X4 (blue) with a little mix of Tamiya X7 to make it darker. After painting and assembling them, I put a topcoat on it to have a smoother look and to protect the paints from scratches.

Finished product of the body (sorry for the blurred image)
I followed the same procedure for the arms, but this time I used the plastic primer directly from the can. I just sprayed it several inches away from the the part being primed to avoid too much texture on it. However I noticed that there's uneven paint on one of the arms, even if I sanded it a couple of times.

So this time I decided to paint the parts without any primer, and according to their color scheme to save time. I painted first all of the blue parts to avoid having different shade from the first one. Next is the grey and some of the silver parts. Lastly are the rest of the silver and the red parts.

Grey and silver parts being painted first

Some of the silver and red parts being painted
When all have been painted, I assembled the different parts of the providence gundam. Here they are and all that is left is some detailing and panel lining. :)

Providence Gundam parts ready for final assembly

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